Head Coach Franck Kiser

Coach Franck has always had a passion for rowing. Not just a simple appreciation for the act of pulling a boat through the water, but a deep love for the community that thrives around it. He first discovered this love at Georgetown University, rowing as and coaching even as an undergrad, a rare accomplishment. Franck continued to row with the Potomac Boat Club, and even made it to the National Team Trials. He got the opportunity to rekindle his love of the sport coaching at Upper Merion, Germantown Academy, and Whitemarsh Rowing Club for over five years.

In 2015, Franck founded Pegasus Rowing, with the motto “Building better rowers”. Even more importantly than that, he was determined to build a community. A place where those rowers could thrive, a place to support and propel athletes to the heights they dream of. Six years and a Level 2 Rowing Coach Certification later, through hell and high water, he’s never stopped. Today, that small rowing club has blossomed into a community based on respect, compassion, and hard work.

Coach Erick Winstead

Born in Winston-Salem, NC, Erick began his rowing career in college at Holy Cross, where he rowed for 4 years before making the US National rowing team in 2014 as a rower in the heavyweight 8.

Since then, he won 2nd place in the 2014 US Elite National Championships, and only a year later, placed 1st in the 2015 U.S. Pan American Team Trials.

Coach Dan Beery

Dan Beery is an Olympic champion, world champion, a World Cup gold medalist, and has never met a door he didn’t have to duck through.

Dan won his first Olympic gold medal in Athens, with a world record time of 5:19.85. This record would stand for over 20 years, and Dan was just getting started. Over the next few years, he continued to win gold medals at the World Championships in Kaizu and Munich, and another at the Pan-American Games in 2007. In addition, Beery is a member of the vaunted New York Athletic Club’s Hall of Fame.

Now, Dan bends all of his considerable experience and wisdom to the rowers of Pegasus. What he’s learned over many years of hard work and persistence now helps train the next generation of champions.

Coach Caroline Kiser

Caroline, the newest coach at Pegasus, brings with her the knowledge of modern collegiate rowing, thanks to her tenure rowing at Union College. There, she led her boat to victory in the State Championships as the team MVP.

With fresh insight, hard-won experience, and a Level 2 Rowing Coach certification, she’s spent her last two years with Pegasus helping a new generation of rowers experience the same camaraderie and accomplishment that she knows so well.